Want a fast easy way to help differentiate spline colors in Maya? Check this out. For instance, I'll have 3 or 4 spine controls selected and would like to see which X rotate spline goes with what. Then if I change the color of each one, this makes it a lot easier to do. Usually I'll use different hues of blue so I know the darkest blue is the lowest spine control and the lightest blue is the top most control. Ok on with it:

1.) Select the spline you want to change in the GE (graph editor). Then select Curves in the GE menu bar and go down to Spreadsheet... 

2.) This brings up the Attribue Editor with the Anim Curve Attributes opened up. Check the Use Curve Color box.

3.) Then click on the Curve Color box to bring up the color picker and select whatever color you want to use.

4.) Marvel in how your spaghetti mess of splines can now be more festive! 

AuthorJake Hawley