I've been doing a little more work with stop motion animation lately. One project for work that isn't out yet and one here at home. The one at home, my wife and I made with our new baby girl, Hermione. It's a little announcement video even though she is already 6 weeks old. 

For both projects I used Dragonframe stop motion software, which I love, and After Effects to cut and color correct everything. Dragonframe is super easy to get up and running and a very clean interface. When you buy the software it comes with an external number pad that is extremely useful. This becomes pretty crucial when you can't be right next to your computer to capture a frame.  If you're just using a trail version, it lasts for 30 days and you can only capture 50 frames in one take, but you can do as many takes as you need. 

Check out the video of Hermione below and a few behind-the-scenes shots as well. Claire did the hard part of "animating" Hermione, I just clicked the capture button.

Quick shot of our set-up for the baby stop motion video.

And here's the set-up for a project I was involved with at work.

AuthorJake Hawley