Hi there. So you want to download your favorite Hermione moment to save or print out? Excellent. It's pretty easy. Just 4 tiny steps.

Also please note, I'm using a Apple Mac computer but the steps should be the same even if you are on a PC.  The buttons might just look a little different is all.

Step 1

Find a photo you like and click on the three dots ... in the lower right hand corner. 

Step 2

Click on "View all Sizes"

Step 3

Easy Way - Click on "Download the ...... size of this photo"
Higher Resolution Way - If you want a higher resolution or different size click on one of the other sizes and then hit the "Download the .....size of this photo" button.

Step 4

Name it and save it somewhere on your computer. I've saved this photo to my desktop but you may want to save it to a pictures folder or some other folder you've set up.

Now just print it out and place it on whatever Hermione shire you've constructed. Ta Da! You're done!