Motion Design | Character Animation | Art Direction


Work Experience

Freelance | June 2018 - Present
Senior Motion Designer & Art Director
Working with great clients and producing 2D and 3D projects from start to finish. Also a happily hired gun to help out on projects already in production.

Leagas Delaney | April 2016 - June 2018
Motion Director
Led all in-house motion design projects.  After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Premiere were the main tools. Storyboarding and art direction were other skills utilised. Helped establish digital department, maintained equipment and studio, scoped projects, and worked across multiple teams and clients simultaneously. 

Mosaic Films | January 2016 - March 2016
Character Animator
Character animation (After Effects) for BBC’s Bitesize films. Averaged around 2 minutes of animation per week. Worked on 20 films, start to finish, ranging from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Jellyfish Pictures | December 2015
Character Animator
Character animation (Maya) on the children's series, The Floogals. Using Maya, the three main alien characters were hand keyed and then composited on to live action plates. Averaged 8 seconds of footage produced daily.

Blue Zoo | August 2015 - November 2015
Character Animator
Lead Character animation (Maya) for the mobile game, Video Kid. Created walk cycles, hit actions, and vehicle action scenes. Integrated Maya animation with Unity. Also animated on DHL training videos with a superhero theme. 

Karrot Animation | April 2014 - July 2015
Character Animator
Character animation (CelAction) on series two on a BAFTA winning Cbeebie’s series, Sarah & Duck. Also animated on the series, Child's Farm for Cartoon Network’s, Cartoonito. Averaged 8 seconds of footage produced daily. 

AKQA | July 2010 - August 2013
Senior Motion Designer
Character animation, motion graphics, 3D animation, video editing and on set technical direction. Help build motion and video department, scope projects and mentor jr. animators/editors.

Freelance | April 2010 - July 2010
Senior Animator
Worked with clients in-house and remotely to create motion graphics and 3D animation.

Cobra Creative | November 2006 - March 2010
Senior Motion Designer
Character animation, motion design, video editing, 3D animation, Flash animation. Designed workflows for off-site freelancers and in-house designers and direct jr. designers.

EVB | February 2003 - October 2006
Interactive Designer
Flash character animation, motion design, basic video production.
Close collaboration with designers, programmers and producers to build projects on schedule and within budget.

Client List

Nike, Xbox, Target, Audi, Visa, GAP, Anheuser Busch, Verizon, Google, Adobe, Autodesk, Clif Bar, Cheetos, You Tube, Verizon, Ecco, Frito-Lays, Expedia, Adidas, Pioneer, Wrigleyʼs, Leapfrog, Microsoft, Old Spice, Office Max, Patek Philippe


Motion design, Character animation, Storyboarding, Video editing
Adobe Suite, Cinema 4D, and a little bit of sound design.


Animation Mentor
Diploma in Advanced Character Animation
December 2012

University of Iowa
BFA, Intermedia Arts with Honors
May 2003

University of Wolverhampton, UK
Illustration and Animation Studies
January 2001