Motion Design and project examples for VCCP. 

Hello. My name is Jake Hawley.

I am a motion designer / animator / film maker and have been for over 10 years. I’ve worked full time and freelance as a senior motion designer for creative companies in San Francisco and London. 

I have created work for agencies like EVB, Cobra Creative, MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER and AKQA in San Francisco and for animation and film studios like Blue Zoo Animation, Karrot Animation, Jellyfish Pictures and Mosaic Films in London. I've studied to be, and worked as, a character animator and I also know my way around a shoot. I love pushing pixels on my computer but I enjoy being involved on set too. 

I've worked with some great people and clients over the years. Some of these include Audi, the BBC, Adidas, Nike, Xbox, Adobe, Levi's, Microsoft, Jordan, Google, Autodesk, Sandisk, Asics, HP, Clif Bar, Anheuser-Busch, History Channel, Target, and YouTube.

Full Resume and client list.

My current motion design reel. Main programs used include After Effects, Cinema 4D, Maya and Premiere.

Gap - Project Reindeer

Behind-the-scenes style video to generate engagement on social media for Christmas campaign. Cameo appearance - that's me with the boom mic. 

Xbox Interstitials for Kinect Sports Network - AKQA

I led a three person team to design and animate interstitials that were to run in-between different sports programs that were created for the faux sports network. 

Xbox's Fable - Web Hexer - AKQA

The Web Hexer is a browser plug in that allowed you to ‘destroy’ whatever web page you were on using spells from Xbox’s Fable game. I created the damage effects and the Fable spell book opening intro and worked closely with the dev team to ensure optimum UX. 

Autodesk - Digital Prototyping - Cobra Creative

Sole motion designer tasked to create a video that describes Autodesk's digital prototype process. I composited multiple 3D passes to show the different types of functionality.  

Irista - Canon product concept video - Freelance

Briefed to create a short concept video to sell the idea into the company. The actual interface had not been developed so design had to be abstract with animation to help tell the story. To meet tight deadlines I put a  motion team together to deliver. My roles: storyboard, editing, motion design and sfx sourcing. 

Target - Brand awareness campaign - AKQA

I worked one on one with creative director to create a short video to promote a localised twitter campaign - a city by city trivia game show. 


Clif Bar's 2 Mile Challenge Campaign - Cobra Creative

Using 2D and 3D to create this video, my role as lead motion designer was to build and animate all design elements.

Clif Bar - Ident - Cobra Creative

I shot the live action stills of Clif Bar employees, which we used to build up the Clif Bar logo. These were then composited and animated to appear like a seamless stop motion piece.